MTA accessibility redesign

redesigning the MTA service for people with disabilities, with a special focus on people with vision impairment

Along with the accessibility mode for apple product, me, along with my group members Nadine Razzouk and Feng Yuan came up with this idea of developing an iPhone app helping people with visual impairment finding their way inside the station.

I created a user flow for the use of the app:


and this flow describes how people would use the app inside the station in order to find the train they will take. Bluetooth will be used in order to activate the phone so that users know which station they are at by the time they enter the station. Augmented Reality will be used in the app so that the camera would give them hint of whether or not it’s the right direction to go, and the vibration on the phone would give users hint.

All these are based on research about precedents and the MTA services. We researched on two apps called ‘subway AR’ and ‘accessWay’, and we learned some ideas from them and we tried to come up with new ideas toward the design of our app.



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